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Breathe Easy: Radon Mitigation at the PATH Concept House

Date Published: 05/03/2007 [Source]

When you think of life support, probably the first thing that comes to mind is air. Water might occur to you, and food, but since most of us carry enough fat around the waist line to last a few days, nutrition usually comes last. Nevertheless, when you think homebuilding, you probably envision a glorious new kitchen and never think once let alone twice about the air.

Building the PATH Concept House this year has given me a new set of priorities, especially when it comes air quality and radon.

Radon is the byproduct of radiation decomposing deep in the earth. It floats up to the surface 24/7 and mostly disperses harmlessly into the air. But cap a spot oozing radon gasses with a modern, tightly built home, and you have a catch basin for poison. Add a family, and you might as well move them into an extermination tent.