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Dealing with the dangers of radon gas

Date Published: 02/01/2007 [Source]

Unsure about whether your home has high levels of radon? It's time to find out if your house is among the estimated 1 in 15 with dangerous levels of the cancer-causing radioactive gas. The federal government has begun a campaign to increase radon awareness, urging homeowners to test their homes for this silent killer that is estimated to claim 21,000 lives a year.

It's easy to determine whether radon is a concern in your home. Home test kits that measure levels of radon typically cost less than $20. In many locations, you can get discounted kits through your state or county health department or environmental-affairs department. The New York State Department of Health, for example, offers residents a kit for $6.75 and will provide a free kit to any resident who has already had work done by a mitigation contractor and wants to verify that radon levels are low.