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How To Eliminate Radon Pollutants In Your Home

Date Published: 09/24/2020 [Source]

When we talk about air pollution, we immediately think about outdoor pollution. The air pollution on the outside is mainly because of industrial and automobile emissions.

Most of us do not consider indoor air pollution which can also harm our body. The air quality in our house must be measured regularly.

Radon, invisible and radioactive gas, is one of the most common causes of indoor air pollution. Radon is emitted during the decay of radium that is found in some rock formations under the houses.

The indoor air quality must be checked for the presence of radon especially when you are living in old buildings. We usually do not check the air quality until it's time to change the air filter.

Radon can cause serious health problems related to breathing to the people living in the house. It can also increase the risk of getting lung cancer.

Here are certain ways which can help you to improve the air quality and eradicate these radon pollutants from your house.

Take a Radon Test.

Keep the Windows Open.

No Smoking inside the House

Measure the Humidity inside the House

Clean the House Regularly.

Buy Plants That Act As Air Filters.

Say No to Synthetic Fragrances.