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Actor Sanjay Dutt battling lung cancer, know the symptoms and causes

Date Published: 08/19/2020 [Source]

Actor Sanjay Dutt has been ill for a long time and he suffers from fatal cancer of the lungs. Among them, third stage cancer in which correct treatment is very important. It is often seen that people think that smoking is the cause of lung cancer. Although this can be a reason, apart from this many things can make you a victim of lung cancer disease. Today, in this episode, we are going to inform you about the causes and symptoms of this deadly disease. So let's know about it.

Symptoms of lung cancer

Constant coughing

Coughing blood or mucus

shortness of breath

Severe chest pain

Sudden Weight Loss

pain in bones

Severe headache

Radon gas emission

Natural radon gas produced by roux and dirt can cause lung cancer.