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Myth: Does a Dehumidifier Help with Radon?

Date Published: 07/18/2020 [Source]

Someone may ask you, "How Does a Dehumidifier Affect Radon?"

In order to find the right answer to that question, you need to know what radon is.

What is Radon? Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that is created by decaying uranium. It is said that this gas is found in all soils and in small amounts in the air.

This gas seeps into your home through openings in your concrete and long term exposure can cause lung cancer. Radon levels differ from house to house. To find out if a dehumidifier can help you with radon just continue to read our article.

Does Humidity Affect Radon Levels? No one has directly said that humidity affect radon level. The best they have said is that rainstorms help the radon gas move faster from the soil to your home. Light weather conditions have little influence over radon levels while storms and high winds exert a heavy influence on them.

Final Verdict Dehumidifiers may a great tool to remove excess moisture but that is what they are designed to do. These devices are not designed to handle gases that come up from your soil. That does not make them a bad machine just one with a specific purpose.

When you want to remove radon from your home, go with a device that is made specifically to remove radon. That way you know you are safe 24 hours a day and can enjoy your humidity free climate all the time.