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'Radioactive' Exclusive clip: The pride of France

Date Published: 07/17/2020 [Source]

Exclusive clip from the biographical romantic drama "Radioactive" following the scientific and romantic passions of Marie Sklodowska-Curie and Pierre Curie based on the book by Lauren Redniss. Starring Rosamund Pike. Directed by Marjane Satrapi.

Video Transcript - We are here to ask for funds.

- Ah, yes. Professor Lippmann has explained to me the whole situation. I'm afraid your request for funds cannot be granted.

- Consider these as part payment. Melt them down. Use them for the war effort.

- These are your Nobel Prizes.

- And they're made of pure gold, which is a start, don't you think?

- Madame Curie, these prizes are the pride of France. I will not--

- These prizes are the result of pain. And they seem to have caused pain. And I would rather they be used for something useful, like curing others from pain.

- Well, I think such--

- Boys are having their legs sawn off because of sprained ankles. My X-ray machines, properly installed, can save lives. We will also use radon radiation to cauterize wounds. It is quick, efficient, and can stop blood loss.

- But radon--

- Our proposals will give you more men on your battlefields.

- But radon is a gas, Madam Curie.

- I am perfectly aware of that.

- And that's why we will use bulbs, radon bulbs.

- The minister of war has made his position clear.

- Then let me make mine clear. I will go to the press. I will offer them my Nobel Prize medal. I will give them the same ultimatum.

- The press?

- I know perfectly well what the press is capable of, and I believe that I have learned how to use it to my advantage. Now, will you please give me my X-ray machines and ambulances?