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Local Business Owner Promotes Radon Awareness

Date Published: 03/27/2020 [Source]

As people practice social distancing and self-isolation, home safety has become even more important.

Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Cherie Summa, chief executive officer of St. Louis Radon Test and Mitigation, said that one in four homes in Missouri has high radon levels.

National Public Heath Week is April 6-12, and April is National Cancer Control (prevention) Month.

"Radon-induced lung cancer is preventable, Summa said. "Given the recent emphasis on the importance of lung health, it is a great time to raise awareness about the dangers of radon.

"When you breathe in radon, it gets into the lining of your lungs and gives off radiation," she said. "Over time, that can damage the cells and lead to lung cancer.

"The EPA suggests that indoor air quality is five times worse than outdoor air quality and now we are spending even more time indoors," she said.

She said most people become educated about radon when they buy a house and do the home inspection, which includes a radon test.

"If the radon levels come back elevated, they know they know that they will have to install a radon mitigation system, and since it's a health threat, they usually ask the buyer to mitigate," she said. "Real estate transactions are 70 percent of our business."

"Everyone knows how important lung health is, and if your lungs are compromised, you're more likely to have complications with not only the coronavirus, but any virus," Summa said.