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The Commuter: Who woulda thunk? Radon and creameries

Date Published: 03/07/2020 [Source]

Apparently, and perhaps some things are best left unknown, we commuter-types are on the road with radon.

Radon is "a radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas." And while I got lost in the first graph of the it's-gotta-be-a conspiracy, science-hooligan language, apparently it has daughters.

Oh yeah, it is considered hazardous to inhale. I got that part. In fact, radon is listed with smoking and second-hand smoke as the leading causes of lung cancer and is the leading cause for nonsmokers.

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry reports, "everyone is exposed to environmental radon."

Miners are apparently most at risk. But other occupations or occupation sites include excavators, fish hatcheries, health mines and spas, hospitals, natural caverns (in releases from exposed walls), natural gas and oil piping facilities, nuclear waste repositories (in releases from tunnel walls), oil refineries, phosphate fertilizer plants, fossil fuel power plants (in release to air after fuel is burned), sites radioactively contaminated with radium, utility and subway tunnels (in releases from walls), and water treatment plants (releases during aeration).