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WNY Family Warns Others About Lung Cancer

Date Published: 12/21/2019 [Source]

Katie McEvoy, a 35-year-old woman that never smoked, died a week after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Her family wants to make sure no one else goes through the pain they're experiencing right now.

"It was just the hardest thing to sit by and watch it all happen," her husband, Richard McEvoy, said.

His wife started feeling minor pain on her lower side before Thanksgiving. That quickly progressed to a metastatic lung cancer diagnosis in early December. Just a week after she received that news, she passed away, leaving her family devastated.

Air pollution and exposure to radon and workplace chemicals like asbestos and arsenic can increase a person's chances of a lung cancer diagnosis. There are some preventive measures that can help reduce the risk of lung cancer, including avoiding smoking, testing homes for radon gas, eating more fruits and vegetables and limiting exposure to cancer-causing chemicals.