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Active soil depressurization can correct most radon problems

Date Published: 01/11/2009 [Source]

The most common approach for radon abatement is active soil depressurization (ASD). ASD draws the soil gases (including radon) from the ground directly adjacent to the structure and diverts it away from the home. This is called "out gassing."

ASD can correct 99 percent of all radon problems. This is the preferred method of radon mitigation since it primarily involves extracting air from beneath the home's foundation and are designed to avoid the loss of "conditioned" (heated or cooled) air from the home. Hence, they have very little impact on the efficiency of the home.

ASD systems also draw moisture out from under the home before it can enter and have been shown to reduce mold spore growth and to eliminate airborne bacteria, which develops in the moist soil beneath the home.

A radon problem can be corrected in any home.