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Tribe Offers Free Radon Testing

Date Published: 01/05/2009 [Source]

Regardless of citizenship, residents within the Cherokee Nation can obtain a free radon test from the Cherokee Nation, which is working with the US EPA to raise awareness of the dangers of radon during January, which is National Radon Action Month.

A map of an EPA study shows some areas of high-concentration radon levels in northeastern Oklahoma, including portions of Sequoyah, Adair, Cherokee, Delaware and Mayes counties.

In Arkansas, Sebastian, Crawford, Franklin, Johnson, Logan, Polk and Scott counties all fall within an area of low risk potential. However, the EPA recommends that all homes be tested for radon, regardless of location or zone, because radon levels can vary from home to home and high levels can be found within low-concentration zones.

Radon in water, particularly from well water, is a risk; however, radon is soil is considered a greater risk.

Exposure to radon increases the risk of developing lung cancer, especially for those who already smoke. The risk increases at the radon level increases.

Inexpensive kits are available from the National Safety Council (via the US EPA web site). Kits are also available from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, as well as some hardware and home improvement stores.